Our warm welcome to


After a long and winding journey through one of the loftiest scenic roads lined by flowery red trees shading you from sun, you will come to this little cozy home energized, but wee bit tired. It takes a warm smile and a steamy cup of brew to bring you back.

You won't really feel you're in your senses yet, as the whole scenic beauty overwhelms you and leaves you in a state of dismay. Before you realize, if it's real or illusion, you are invited by a steamy shower to get the jagged nerves to unwind.

Wow.. you see a rare sight of the mountains tops and the infinite sky conversing and canoodling. The clouds caressing the mountains descend on the earth for a stroll. You see the evening Sun, shining cherry red, is about to retire and saying bye to you.. you wonder if it's real. It's real, you feel for once you become a new being. The same man who came from the universe. And you unite with the nature in spirit.